About ATJ


Philosophy for Being

Our company’s philosophy is to realize happiness of people who create
and support our company by contributing to prosperity of customers
and society through high technical capability of our employees.

Management Philosophy

  • We aim to be No.1 in customer reliability by complying with customers’ expectation and creating new expectation.
  • We realize stable profit and cash flow upon clarification of responsibilities for the expected results.
  • We put focus on our employees’ motivation and demonstration of their abilities, and aim to be a company that develops people who develop the company.
  • We respect each individual’s performance through fair evaluation and treat them accordingly.

Principles of Conduct

We accomplish work with consciousness and responsibility.
Quick action
We act positively and proactively based on our original ideas and devised plans.
Creation of the lively work area
Free and vigorous open-communication


Mid-13th VISION

Active! Being a company that is able to provide real value

Company, able to provide real value that end-users need

Our keyword is "Active"
Working on positively, voluntarily, fearlessly, or Actively.

Aiming at the company that can provide our techniques and skills at a higher level
to contribute to our customers' pleasures and social development taking all customers'
point of view.

We will be the "only one", or must have chosen by trusting our activity, and being "a company
that is able to provide real value.

  • All ATJ employees work from users' point of view with individuality
  • ATJ's positive evolution will create new value for our customers.

Three strategies to achieve our vision

  • 01 Develop human resources that can proceed the operation professionally
  • 02 Establish the environment for corresponding to the needs of MOBILITY industry
  • 03 Select and focus on the potential resources for the future by the rapid management decisions