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CSR, "Corporate Social Responsibility"

01NIKKON Holdings Co., Ltd.
Basic principles of NIKKON group
We create “ Share the environment”, “Share the worth” and “Share the joy” in advance through business logistics with global viewpoint, and we all contribute to the prosperity of society.
02Compliance We comply with our internal rules and social ethics, laws and regulations in our business.
03Internal controls Based on our basic policies, business ethics and law observance, we design and operate the internal systems aimed to ensure business transparency and health.
04Occupational safety
and health
Our first priority if human life. We introduce the occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) and risk assessment in order to keep our work place safe and comfortable. We work positively for the safety health activities by continuous improvement.
We think “Global environment maintenance “ through healthy business activities is an extremely important. We work for the environment at improvement activities continuously in order to realize the society in harmony with the environment.
06Our diversity We are working together with diversity of people who can work by using their abilities and characteristics.
07Contribute to
our local community
We are diligently working on the activities to contribute to our local community aiming at living/prospering together with our local community.
・Local cleaning projects
・Traffic safety activities
・Planting trees at the area hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake
・Support Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency)


We support our activities to enrich our lives.
We are sharing moving experiences through the activities we established ourselves.

Support Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  • Local cleaning projects
  • Planting trees at the area hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • annennn
    Traffic safety activities

Club activities

  • atss
    ATS, Motorcycle Sports Club
  • Eco-run Club
  • Baseball Club
  • Girls Motor Sports Club
  • sunou
    Snow Sports Club
  • marason
    Running Club
  • nougyou
    Farming Club
  • suzukafd
    Suzuka Motor Sports Club
  • robot
    Robot Club
  • miniyon
    Mini 4WD Club
  • jyetosuki
    Jet Ski Club
  • golfk
    Golf Club
  • atugire
    Atsugi Racing Club