About ATJ

Message from President

Our mission is to contribute to prosperity of our customers and the society through utilization of high technical capabilities of our associates.

Auto Technic Japan (ATJ) initiated the contract-base tasks, including outside drive test and quality control processes in 1971 to comply with Honda R&D’s development needs. This company was established in 1982 as the business grew. Since then, we have established the solid trust with our main customer, Honda, for product development through various processes.
At present, we have expanded the range of our services, and have been continuously thriving to contribute to product creation, “Monozukuri”, by providing various supports to many more customers as a Test Produce Company.
In order to meet our customers’ various needs, all of us in Auto Tech Japan (ATJ) devote ourselves in further evolution of the technologies on daily basis, and contribute widely to society while sharing our joy with customers all around the world through fruitful results of our work.

PresidentTakayuki Takada