About ATJ

Corporate Profile

Name Auto Technic Japan Co.,Ltd.
Establishment July , 1982
Capital ¥40,000,000
Head Office
Head Office
4518-14 Shimo-Takanezawa, Haga-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi 321-3321 JAPAN
Phone: +81-28-677-2671 (General Affairs) / +81-28-677-5235 (International Sales Department)

Utsunomiya Office
8-3-81 Yuinomori, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi 321-3326 JAPAN
Phone: +81-28-677-2671 (General Affairs)

Haga Office
98, Haga-dai, Haga-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi 321-3325 JAPAN
Phone: +81-28-677-5235 (International Sales Department)

Tochigi Development Center
110-3 Haga-dai, Haga-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi 321-3325 JAPAN
[The 1st building] Phone: +81-28-689-8310
[The 2nd building] Phone: +81-28-678-5284
Tochigi Technical Center
130-1 Haga-dai, Haga-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi 321-3325 JAPAN
Phone: +81-28-677-4361
Asaka Division /Asaka Technical Center
5-9-33 Mihara, Asaka-shi, Saitama 351-0025 JAPAN
Phone: +81-48-450-3021
Hamamatsu Development Center
1-4-5 Shinmiyakoda,Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 431-2103 JAPAN
Phone: +81-53-428-4575
Hokkaido Branch Office
21-11 Takasu-chou, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-1261 JAPAN
Phone: +81-166-59-3132
Atsugi Office
1281-1 Kamiechi, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0801 JAPAN
Phone: +81-46-281-9455
Suzuka Office
3361-5 Kocho, Suzuka-shi, Mie 513-0836 JAPAN
Phone: +81-59-335-3748
Our Business
Test Operations
・driving test
・physical property test
・part/component test
・strength test
Technical Operations
・test device fabrication・vehicle maintenance・ CAE analysis
・cut model fabrication・sensor designing & fabrication・ safety class and practical training
・jig designing & fabrication ・Engineer dispatch
Disassembly of automobiles, Storing of automobiles and parts, R&D for automobiles, motorcycles, farming equipment, outboard motors, lawn mowers, generators, etc., Confirmation of function and specification compliance between the designs and product’s parts as well we final products, Dispatching of experts in compliance with the Man-Power Dispatching Business Law, Other operations related to automobile products.
Number of
Employees as of
April 2020
Main customers
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.
Honda Access Corporation
Honda Racing Corporation
Nissan Motor Co,.Ltd.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
Bosch Corporation
Continental Automotive Corporation
Valeo Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan Automobile Research Institute
Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.
Honda Cars India Limited
Honda R&D (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Honda R&D Americas,Inc.
Stockholder NIKKON Holdings Co., Ltd. (First Section of the Tokyo Exchange)
SIAM AUTO TECHNIC CO., Ltd. (Thailand)
Major Banks ASHIKAGA HOLDINGS CO,LTD. / The Tochigi Bank,LTD. / Mizuho Bank,LTD. / The Shizuoka Bank,LTD.
President: Takayuki Takada (Since May 2016)
Managing Director: Toshiaki Kawaguchi (since May 2017)
Director: Yoshiyuki Nishio (since May 2017)
Director: Akira Yokoyama (since May 2017)
Director: Hideo Shinohara (since May 2018)
Director: Kenji Hasegawa (since May 2020)
Director: Yoshitaka Takasuka (since May 2020)
Corporate Auditors: Yasunori Matsuda (since May 2012)
Corporate Auditors: Ichiro Nakamura (since Dec. 2015)
  • Head Office
  • Tochigi Development Center
  • Tochigi Technical Center
  • Asaka Division /Asaka Technical Center
  • Hamamatsu Development Center
  • Hokkaido Branch Office
  • Atsugi Office
  • Suzuka Office


Jul. 1971 Nikkon promotion corp. was established by Honda R&D’ request, and started undertaking driving tests and quality control of automobiles / motorcycles
May 1973 The name was changed to Auto Technic Co.,Ltd. in Asaka-shi, Saitama
Apr. 1979 Auto Technic Co.,Ltd. Tochigi Office was established and started undertaking durability driving tests at requests of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Tochigi Center
Jul. 1982 Auto Technic Tochigi Co.,Ltd. was established as a spin-off from Auto Technic Co., Ltd. Tochigi Office in order to specialize testing operations
Apr. 1983 The new office building for Auto Technic Co., Ltd. was completed in Haga-gun, Tochigi
Dec. 1983 The certification of automobile wrecking and maintenance businesses was acquired
May 1989 The name was changed to Auto Technic Japan Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1989 Tochigi Technical Center was established
Nov. 1989 R&D and assembling engine/transmission were started at Tochigi Technical Center
Jun. 1993 Hamamatsu Technical Center(in the current Hamamatsu Development Center) was established and performance analysis of AT transmission was started
Feb. 1996 Takasu Office was established in Hokkaido
Apr. 1997 Asaka Branch Office was established and started undertaking R&D operations for Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Asaka Office
Apr. 1997 Started undertaking work of TWIN RING MOTEGI, MOBILITYLAND CORP.
Jun. 1997 Moka Branch Office was established and started undertaking work from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Tochigi Moka Plant
Apr. 1998 Started undertaking R&D operations for Honda Racing Corporation
Nov. 1999 Started undertaking tests for outboard motors in Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Hamamatsu
Jun. 2000 Started undertaking R&D work for Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd. Tochigi Center
Apr. 2001 Started undertaking work from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Saitama, Sayama Plant
Oct. 2002 Started undertaking durability driving tests in Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Takasu Proving Ground
Mar. 2004 Started undertaking R&D work for Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Asaka-higashi, Power Products R&D Center
Oct. 2004 Started undertaking R&D work for Keihin Corporation, Tochigi Research and Development Center
Oct. 2005 Takasu Office was changed to Takasu Business Office(currently Hokkaido Branch Office) due to the extension of business
Feb. 2006 Tochigi Second Technical Center was established
Jun. 2006 Asaka Technical Center was established in Saitama
May 2012 Atsugi Business Office was established in Kanagawa
Oct. 2013 Auto Technic Americas, Inc. was established in the U.S.A.
Apr. 2014 Suzuka Business Office was established in Mie
Apr. 2014 ATJ Development Center(currently the first building of Tochigi Development Center) was established in Tochigi
Apr. 2015 Undertook the vehicle maintenance at Drago Modulo Honda Racing, SUPER GT CLASS GT500
Dec. 2015 SIAM AUTO TECHNIC CO., LTD was established in Thailand
Apr. 2019 Established Hamamatsu Development Center(including Hamamatsu Technical Center)
Apr. 2020 The second building of Tochigi Development Center was established